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Automated data quality hub for a financial institution

Implementing an automated process to generate compliance reports.


Data Quality, Metadata Management


The UK brand of a well-known US financial institution, had to prove compliance with the Federal Reserve policies for regulatory reporting.

The client internal team met the deadlines by producing the necessary documentation, however it was difficult to maintain as it was based on manually inputting into excel and other similar formats.

The project aimed to minimise the manual processes that were being used to maintain the documentation required for the Federal Reserve regulatory reports.    


Automation of data quality dashboards by recoding exiting SQL rules into SAS data quality tool and producing the necessary reports to feed the native tool dashboard functionality.

Development of a suite of dashboards for the executive audience.

Automation of ingestion of technical metadata from the ETL process into the data catalogue.

Loading of business glossary and stitching together of business terms with physical elements.

Production of graphical representation of technical lineage of the ELT process.

Leveraging of existing ETL technology licenses to minimise cost impact of the solution.


Director of Data Excellence, Principal Data Consultant, Senior Consultant


Overall, the project provided the necessary capability to support report compliance with minimum effort, saving the business considerable amount of resource hours.