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Improving access and speed to data by delivering a clean room for a national convenience chain

Building an award-winning product that delivered solid, consistent and cost-effective data at scale.


Data Enablement, Data Clean Room, Data Modelling, Business Reporting


Consolidation of data was deemed "impossible", whilst maintaining consistency in order to produce benchmark capabilities. Metadata quality had previously created huge concerns and comparative metrics were never complete and/or feasible at a granular level.


Our focus was on building a highly secure environment, in which we designed reusable ingestion methods in order to reduce operational overhead and support costs across a multitude of pipelines. Creating solid and consistent data assets underpinned the high quality reporting outputs which drove real business decisioning. Something our client was not able to do previously, creating a lack of transparency across the business and assumptions as a result.


CTO, Programme Manager, Director of Data Enablement, Principal Data Visualisation Consultant, Senior Data Engineer


We delivered a data clean room that transformed how the business uses data to make keydecisions.Itenabled the customer to see truevbusiness performance on a mass scale, using a secure, reliable cloud-basedplatform, built for flexibility, security and scale