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Building a corporate reporting suite for a fast-growing fibre broadband infrastructure provider

A fully-automated, self-serve reporting suite offering optimised metrics across a fast evolving organisation.


Data Visualisation, Business Reporting, Data Enablement, Data Insights


The client had a very immature data landscape but an urgent need to provide consistent reporting on high profile KPIs both internally and externally. They had chosen Tableau as their reporting tool and needed a timely approach to get maximum value from  this solution. Intuita was known to the client via previous work in the telco industry.


Intuita proposed an iterative approach structured in parallel work streams of data ingestion, modelling and visualisation to deliver the highest priority reports in the quickest time possible whilst maintaining a strategic vision of the overall scope of delivery.


Programme Lead, Principal Data Engineer, Principal BI Consultant, Principal Business Analyst, Senior Visualisation Consultants


The output of the project included fully automated, self-serve Tableau reports serving a user  base of around 500 internal employees. These became known within the business  as the trusted source of reported metrics. They offered dynamic functionality to drill down into a lower level of detail to investigate trends within the data. This was combined with access to the underlying data models made available for internal analysts to leverage.

As part of the production of the required reporting, we also scrutinised the definitions of existing logic used within commonly reported KPIs. In some instances this led to an alteration of the coded logic to correctly align to the agreed definition. We also created exception reports to highlight where operational processes were not being followed resulting in data quality issues.