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Building a real-time application for AWS Re:Invent

We are very excited to have been invited to AWS Re:Invent 2022 by one of our technology partners, Aerospike. They are one of the platinum sponsors of the event to be held in Las Vegas at the end of November, and we are demonstrating the capabilities of their real-time database technology by showcasing the early stages of a real-time, consumer protection platform we have been developing.

Our platform is focused on addressing consumer facing applications where the consumer could be at risk to mis-use, overuse or harmful behaviour. It relies on processing and huge volumes of real-time usage data to quickly assess whether an individual’s behaviour is being seen as harmful – are using the application too much? are they using the application in a harmful way? – and then delivering an intervention to the player in the form of a onscreen message, chat bot, or even a block on access, with the aim of ensuring any problematic behaviour doesn’t escalate.

This sort of consumer protection application can be applied across a number of industries, including online gaming and gambling, financial trading and social media. Wherever there is a possibility of an individual using a digital product or service in an addictive or harmful way, our platform is designed to try and intervene this behaviour before it escalates.

The major challenge of a system like this is processing, analysing, and delivering accurate decision on huge volumes of real-time data. Building the solution on Aerospike we can process over a million transactions per second, we are able to instantly replicate historical and live gameplay data across various reporting clusters, and we can provide access to the real-time data to analysts via the Aerospike SQL feature.

For the AWS Re:Invent  demo we have developed a consumer facing gaming application to illustrate how an intervention system can help decrease harmful behaviour.

We have built our own application UI and huge volumes of synthetic data to replicate user profiles and realistic player behaviour.  This enables us to simulate realistic scenarios where user gameplay, user risk analysis and interventions are reported on the consumer protection application. The demo provides a very compelling example of how a next-generation real-time solution could help organisations better protect their consumers when they are engaging with their digital products – whether it’s online trading, gaming, gambling, or interacting on social media, real-time interventions can make a real impact to consumer health.

Post AWS Re:Invent we will continue to develop this platform in to a fully-fledged product, with the aim of addresses consumer protection issues across gaming, finance and social media sometime within 2023.