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Designing and building customer lifetime value metrics for a leading UK telco

A game-changing solution that delivered new customer metrics to drive profitability and smarter decisions.


Data Insights, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Data Modelling, Business Reporting


The client wanted to produce a metric that helps assess business performance and helps identify areas of opportunity within their customer base. Technical limitations involved gaps in existing revenue data and cost data availability. The challenge was to build a flexible solution that could be enhanced iteratively over time, with as little impact as possible.


Effort upfront was focused on gathering requirements and understanding business use cases to help identify the core components for the metric. It involved producing a flexible data model allowing for future enhancements and refinements. Identifying quick wins was critical to illustrate progress. Provided recommendations on the milestones based on how impactful they would be on the result. The engagement involved data analysis, modelling, prototyping the solution and explaining it back to the business for adoption purposes.


Associate Analytics Director, Principal Analytics Consultant, Principal & Senior Data Consultants, Technical Delivery Manager


Enabled the client to have a metric assessing customer profitability with deep dive capability, exposing various business costs and revenues to drive further business decisions.