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One month at Intuita - James' first impressions

After his month first at Intuita, we checked in with Business Analyst James Cooper to ask about his first impressions of Intuita.

Tell us about your first month at Intuita:

From the outset and throughout my first month, Intuita has really impressed me. My onboarding was well-organised and thoughtful; I received my company laptop the week before my start date with a nice selection of merch and goodies, including this book which sums up what we are about!

My line manager was in touch on my first day to help me get settled in, and over the course of my first week I was introduced to members of the management team, my technical mentor and my project team. Our Recruitment Partner, Suz, also checked-in to explain more about the benefits the company provides and make sure I had access to everything I needed to work from home.

During my second week I visited the Newbury office, where I got to meet more of the management team in-person, including Glenn and Lasse. Everyone made me feel very welcome, from a freshly-ground cup of coffee to a personalised mug and even lunch at a local restaurant. Glenn was incredibly helpful with an IT issue that had us both scratching our heads for a while. I also learnt that Intuita are happy for you to bring your dog to the office so, although I don’t have one myself, that’s definitely an incentive to visit more often!

By week three, my work with the project team was well underway, supporting scope definition and business acceptance on a BI transformation engagement. Everyone within the project team was happy to meet individually to help get me up to speed.

What are your first impressions of us?

From a development point of view, it’s clear that the business wants to enable its people to do their best work. I have weekly calls with my line manager and technical mentor to discuss my tasks, Continuing Professional Development and technical skills.

There is also an obvious focus on health and wellbeing too. The company offers monthly personal coaching through an independent provider, where participation and discussions are completely confidential. There is also a staff working group on Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid training and a team fitness challenge raising funds for a charity close to the team’s hearts.