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Introducing Intuita’s Data Academy

Earlier this year, we announced our plans to launch our own Data Science Academy in partnership with Trokut, the tech and entrepreneurship hub in Šibenik (Croatia). This will be the third NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) Academy run by Trokut since its opening in May 2021, and for this intake Intuita is playing a central role by creating and delivering the six month full-stack data science course. We’re delighted to say that we recently completed the interview process and have selected the final 25 students for our2023 cohort, beginning in January.

The NEET Academies are an opportunity for those looking to gain digital skills to improve their job prospects or change career paths completely. At Intuita, we’re passionate about training the next generation of data practitioners through a combination of hands-on practical experience and broad end-to-end theoretical learning. We also believe that existing data training courses lack industry-specific context and skills, which we aim to address with our ‘vertical training’ approach.

Our inaugural academy intake will be focused on the telco industry, training participants so they’re more employable and ready to deliver in a telco environment after completing our course. Our ability to provide this realistic training setting is down to the synthetic data universe we have created (read more),which we’re coining our ‘Model Office’, which in this case has been modelled on a telco environment.

The NEET Academies are made possible by funding and support from the government in Croatia through its ‘Training in the Workplace’ grant. With our partner, Trokut, we’re pleased to be able to provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn new skills and increase their employability over the course of the six month programme, which we hope will lead to improved job prospects for all involved.

We’re excited to officially welcome our first academy students dour Welcome Day on 13 December before the academy begins in January. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks and months as we hear from some of the people involved in the academy.