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Rivery - Partner Spotlight

What problem does Rivery solve?

A SaaS ELT Data Pipeline/Integration platform that provides a unified solution for Ingestion, Transformation, Orchestration, Activation and Data Operations.

Some of the solutions they provide are:

• Cloud Data Migrations

• Marketing and CRM Data Management

• Custom Data Integration

Why have we partnered with them?

We liked the fresh and user-friendly approach to the product, and as a company we enjoy our day-to-day engagement. We saw the opportunity to partner with a company that provides a simple unified solution that many businesses can benefit from as they move away from legacy systems. We also have a keen interest in the product in our internal Technology build division.

How does this partnership help Intuita's clients?

With many of our team now certified Rivery developers, we can provide professional services and guidance that many businesses require as they move their products and systems into the cloud. Rivery is the tool that will allow them to make this step and integrate all their data in one central location.