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Strategy and implementation of client data management platforms

Development of automated data management and government systems.


Data Quality, Data Catalogue, Metadata Hub, Data Excellence


The client Data Management estate had grown over a period of 20 years. Assets were stored disparately and processing technologies had accumulated from different areas of IT and the business. These had been developed with varying or undefined standards and documentation was scant and manually produced.

This caused major challenges including understanding what data was present, how it was generated and how it was being used and conceptualising how data flowed across the organisation.


Automate the central collection and definition of data assets to improve the efficiency of the client Data Management estate by assessing and implementing the best in class data governance tools (which in this case was Ab Initio Meta Data Hub).

Align the interaction of compliance systems across the business, including security systems, privacy systems and the metadata hub.

Build and manage a team to maintain the data ingestion and classification processes of new data elements.

Support the requirements of European Privacy Legislation.


Director of Data Excellence, Principal Consultant, Data Engineer


80% of the data estate ingested into Ab Initio MDH.

Data lineage automatically maintained.

Business definitions agreed and applied to data elements.

Process for programmatically categorising data elements with business terms developed.

Significant improvement in impact assessment efficiency.