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End-to-end TV data and analytics product build for global TV middleware provider

Enabling an international middleware provider to monetise their data assets


Data Enablement, Data Insights, Data Design, Data Modelling, Data Monetisation, Data Visualisation


The provider had huge data volumes but a problem in transforming this into a useable data product that they could sell to their clients. Existing reporting landscape was not fit for purpose and the ROI of storing the vast amount of data was not paying off.


We were initially engaged to transform an existing data flow of set top box data into a useable, monetisable data asset. This involved processing huge amounts of data and applying sessionisation and logic to create an exploitable dataset. We further built the analytical product/dashboards that were used by the providers clients to access data and analyse performance.


Programme Manager, Associate Analytics  Director, Principal Data Modeller, Business Analyst, Principal Data Visualisation Consultant.


We built a working end-to-end process covering data ingestion, transformation and the final data product in the form of a set of Qlik dashboards that became an award-winning product for the provider.