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What does work life balance mean to you?

Hear from some of our team to find out how this flexibility allows them to juggle responsibilities as parents or carers, prioritise their wellbeing, and have a good work-life balance while working at Intuita.

10-14 October is National Work Life Week, set up by the organisation Working Families to start conversations around flexibility and how to make this part of everyday working life.

Flexibility is a huge part of our people-first culture at Intuita– we focus on outcomes, not hours or activity, trusting our team to work when and where suits them best to fit their lifestyle.

Hear from some of our team to find out how this flexibility allows them to juggle responsibilities as parents or carers, prioritise their wellbeing and have a good work life balance while working at Intuita.

Louise, Senior Data Analyst

 “I can take my dog Amber into the office when I need to, this means that I get fresh air and walks when I’m in the office, as I take the dog out during the day there. It also gives fellow team members a chance to have some dog therapy, if they love dogs but don’t have one at home!”

Neil, Principal Data Excellence Consultant

 “For me ‘work life balance’ is simply the ability to create the separation between the two. Being able to switch off. As a real newbie, I appreciated that Intuita was willing to offer a role shaped around my ‘life’ ambitions.”

Alex, Technical Director

“Appreciating that not everyone is always at their most creative between the hours of 9-5 and that you don’t necessarily have to be sitting in front of a screen to solve a problem. The separation aspect is key for me – knowing that I’m not expected to be available 24/7 has improved my quality of life immensely.”

Luka, Developer

 “I live with my parents and my grandma, but my parents often go on trips for various reasons so I have to take care of my grandma (cooking her lunch for example). As such, having flexible working hours makes it much easier.”

Josh, Principal Data Engineer

“For me, the combination of flexible hours and being able to take some time out to be with my family or exercise and be open about it without being judged has a huge positive impact on my wellbeing. I was able to witness a number of my children’s “firsts” rather than simply being told about them. Not only that but the Bupa dental and health along with Spill cover are exceptional.”

Suz, Recruitment and People Partner

 “There are many elements to working at Intuita that make a work/home life balance that bit easier: arriving in the office to be greeted by our doggy team mates is just wonderful for me personally and makes for a relaxing environment; our staff are a great mix of fun, down to earth, experts – always readily available to help and make time for me; and there is just an understanding that we all have lives around work. This trust and understanding makes for a highly productive and high quality working environment.”