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Yugabyte - Partner Spotlight

What problem does Yugabyte solve?

It's a high-performance transactional distributed SQL database for cloud-native applications.

Why have we partnered with them?

Yugabyte is an exciting new technology, which excels in the distributed transactional database space. It is highly resilient, scales linearly to very high performance and allows easy control of cloud infrastructure. This appealed to us, as we have many years of experience in deploying, developing and supporting operational database technologies underpinning business critical systems. We are therefore keen to see some positive disruption in this space.

How does this partnership help Intuita's clients?

Clients can benefit from our experience and sympathetic understanding on the business and technical challenges in deploying operational databases, and we can enhance and ensure the best outcomes of an implementation.

This can be through us:

advocating appropriate and best use of the technology
acting as a ‘change agent’ to help a business through implementation or migration initiatives
supporting on the technical implementation of the product itself
advising on the indirect but equally important aspect of how to manage impacts and changes to data architecture, operating models and data strategy