We are, by our nature, inquisitive and always proactively seeking out new insights. We're energised when thinking about new data models and different ways for our clients to use their data to deepen customer relationships, to build better products and services, and - ultimately - grow their businesses.
Using data analyses, insights
and models to power business 

Data is only as valuable as the decisions it enables. In order to enable intelligent business decisions it's critical that analytics is implemented in the right way. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the business context and objectives, deep knowledge of the business's data, and a keen awareness of how analytics will be used by different stakeholders across the business.  

Our analytics experts embed themselves within our client's teams so they really understand what questions their analytics needs to answer. They then work with relevant stakeholders to analyse data and build models that help answer these questions, and work alongside teams to ensure they are able to transform insights into decisions and action. 

What we provide:

Data exploitation
Data monetisation
Data modelling and decisioning
Return on Marketing Investment
Customer Value Management
Attribution modelling

Analytics Team Leader
Lasse Pedersen 
Managing Partner

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