Helping a fast-growing tech start-up create and deploy a scalable, fit-for-purpose and future-proof data strategy and data warehouse.

We quickly mobilised a vastly experienced team - consisting of a data strategist, data architect and data analyst - to perform a deep-dive into the data architecture, strategy and culture of a fast-growing technology company.
They were facing some serious data challenges, since experiencing rapid growth, including a data infrastructure that was overly complex and not fit for purpose, inaccurate reporting and a lack of clear data governance and operational models for different teams to engage with data and insights. This led to company-wide distrust in data and meant teams were unable to use data in their decision making.
We provided a clear and detailed assessment of our client’s current data position and proposed a development road map for a new data warehouse, including assessment and selection of technologies, defined business logic and reporting layers and data quality and assurance processes. We carried out reconciliation of all existing data to ensure that any existing data discrepancies could be resolved at source, vastly improving the simplicity, quality, consistency and integrity of the downstream data warehouse.
The project ensured that our client had data they could trust and a strategy that would provide them with a self-sufficient, fit-for-purpose and scalable data warehouse.



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