By looking beyond the standard cases for using data across any organisation we can create new opportunities to leverage, monetise and exploit data to gain a competitive advantage, generate a new source of revenue and future-proof your business.
Looking at new and different ways to use data to gain an advantage.

With vast amounts of data being generated and now available to any business, and new technologies and methodologies evolving there are exponentially more opportunities to leverage data. 


Whether it's building new products or services, developing new data tools, or spinning out an entirely new business model we help businesses to think of innovative ways to strategically use data in new ways to grow their business. 

Our exploitation and strategy consultants specialise in identifying and analysing future consumer, technological and data trends to expose market and business opportunities. They work closely with senior management to develop future data ideas and strategies that exploit these opportunities.


Our developers and analysts can then build prototypes to test and hone ideas so we can be sure that any new products or initiatives have been stress tested before being invested in.


What we provide:

Data capability analysis

Future opportunity analysis
Future data strategy
Future data prototyping 

Exploitation Team Leader
Peter Jackson
Strategy Director

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