Data IQ

High-quality, consistent project delivery that drives real business value.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of delivery in everything we do, from delivering multi-faceted client workstreams and programmes to developing our own technology and products.

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What is Data IQ?

IQ stands for “Intuita Quality” and Data IQ is our delivery framework. It ensures that we are always providing a high level of project management, based on clear objectives, structured ways of working and great communication.

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Our delivery principles

We believe in just enough project management and governance, to provide the right level of control and consistency while helping the project to move forward freely.

Our approach is based on continuous improvement through ongoing feedback at each stage of the project lifecycle.

Open and honest project management

Honesty and openness is key to a project's success. Our approach is to instil a culture of transparency to ensure that any team member can easily and quickly report any issues that may impact project delivery.

We don't stop when the project has been delivered. We always provide ongoing training, support and guidance to ensure that solutions are adopted and scaled.

We are always learning from the best and adopting the leading best practices to ensure we provide a first-class service.

We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing, even when it means having difficult conversations. We are never afraid to speak up and provide our view on the right thing to do.

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Our team of project managers structure and successfully deliver complex, multi-faceted data projects for some of the world's leading brands.

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