Building technology that enables organisations to find the value in their data.

A practical approach to technology

Each product, technology solution or POC we work on is a combination of using the right technology, the very best people and having a clear and practical vision. We build solutions that solve real challenges.

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Our Platform

We bring together world class technologies, proprietary processes and human-centric interfaces to provide our customers with technology-first data solutions.

Our unified data architecture platform provides solid end-to-end foundations to build data products on. We are always refining the platform to ensure it uses the latest technologies that drive speed, performance and scale.

Our Platform

Product Development

We help customers to develop cutting-edge, data-driven products that are ready to be monetised.

Custom Solutions

We deliver bespoke technology solutions that provide businesses with the foundations they need to scale.

Technology Assessment

We help companies to evaluate and benchmark technologies to ensure they select the best for their business.

Intuita Labs

Intuita Labs is our space to conceptualise, invest in, develop, validate and launch POCs and MVPs. We are focused on creating data-driven products that are grounded in reality, address real imminent and future needs, have a clear and validated market fit and a huge market potential.

Technology Partners